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April 2014: Weather You Like It or Not

Artists Reception First Friday, April 4, 2014, 5-9pm

“Everyone complains about the weather at least occasionally, forecasters can’t seem to predict it any better than when we were kids, and nobody can control it. So what’s a person to do? Answer: turn it into art!

The average individual probably still thinks of outdoor photography primarily as a fair weather activity. Actually, brilliant sunshine can create challenging conditions for photography, and some of the best images can occur when the weather is at its worst. Rather than sit around and grouse about it, members of the Inner Light Photographic Society have decided to celebrate weather in all its variety in their upcoming exhibition: Weather You Like It or Not.”                                                                 -Al Flory

Inner Light Photographic Society

Inner Light was founded in 1986 by photographer Shedrich Williames (a friend and protege of Ruth Bernhard).  Today, the group includes 22 photographers who work in a wide range of photographic styles and media, from classic black and white landscape to manipulated imagery, from street to semi-abstract photography, from alternative process dating back to the beginning of photography to the latest in digital imaging.

All of the members of Inner Light are exhibited photographers, and the group shows together frequently.  The Oregonian, in a review of one of the group’s shows commented: “what makes this diversely profiled group of photographers so fascinating (is) a range of appreciation of the silvery medium and a common search by its individual members for genuine expression.”

STUDENT GALLERY (back gallery space)

In April, we will also feature student work by photographers Britt Hazlett and Jenny Olsen from Portland Community College.

The work of Jenny Olsen is a meditation on the dark and brooding nature of memory in the face of familiar places. The work of Britt Hazlett is a contemplation and celebration of intimate relationships. Both sets of these large scale black and white photographs are  powerful and stunning.

Spring Art Talks: Part of North Bank’s vision is to host several art talks yearly, providing food for thought, education, and good company. Please join us for these free, fun, and lively discussions about the fantastically diverse artistic experience.

Saturday, April 12, from 4:30-6pm: Inner Light Photography will host a panel about their collective vision behind the “Weather” exhibit. Christine Eagon will chair the panel.

Saturday, April 26, from 4:30-5:30pm: North Bank member and artistic visionary kathi rick will present her thesis “Photographing the Feminine: Deconstructing the Male Gaze.”