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Autumn Art Talks 2014


How creativity is changing our mediums, our communities, and our consciousness.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 7pm: Sally Fisher

rac logoSally Fisher is the Program Manager for the popular Recycled Arts Fair in Vancouver, WA. “People who visit the festival are both amazed at the creativity and inspired to rethink what they do with unwanted items in their own homes. Clark County Environmental Services produces the festival each year as a way to heighten awareness and create a community buzz around recycling and waste reduction.”

North Bank Artists Gallery: 1005 Main ST, Vancouver, WA

Special thanks to Battle Ground Arts Alliance for funding the Autumn Art Talks for the second year. Your support is much appreciated!

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Oct 3 – 31, 2014 / North Bank Gallery
Artist’s Reception Friday Oct 3, 5-9 pm
Contact: Maureen Andrade or kathi rick, North Bank Artists Gallery, (360) 693-1840

VANCOUVER, Wash. –October preview. BACK TO THE FUTURE
It is North Bank Gallery’s great pleasure to show the work of noted Northwest photographer and North Bank member Dale Strouse for the month of October. Dale has been a vital part of the Vancouver and Portland photographic community for many years, and has taught landscape and large format camera workshops all over the Western United States. He is also a talent graphic designer, and teaches photographic printing techniques at WSU Vancouver. His mixture of modern and vintage photographic and print making techniques produces some of the most gorgeous photographic images you will ever see.
Below is his philosophy of the photographic technique and its history n his own words.

“BACK TO THE FUTURE: In over forty years of working as a traditional black and white photographer, I am fortunate to have experienced many changes to the art of making photographs. This body of work references some of those changes, particularly the methods of taking and making images. I pay homage to the early pioneers of photography from the 1800’s as well as to those of today’s digital age. To do so I relied on one of photography’s oldest processes — Photogravure — and married it to the modern technology of the smartphone. Each image was captured using a cell phone camera. The resulting digital images were then used to make polymer photogravure plates. The developed plates were hand-inked using a sepia, oil-based ink (in order to evoke emotional tones of the past) and printed on a hand operated
etching press using traditional printmaking papers.

I chose to capture images that bridge and blur the distinction between snapshot photographs (which are commonly associated with cell phone photography) and images of a more serious, considered nature such as those made by the early large format masters. I shot landscapes, both urban and natural, portraits and still lifes. Though process is extremely important, this body of work reinforces the truth that it is the image that is most important, and tools are simply paths that lead us to the making of art. The image area of all photogravures measures 5-1/8” x 5-1/8” and were printed in editions of 10.”

For the front room I will be exhibiting new work, some other gravures and some inkjets.
New Work 2014

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