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KATHI RICK – ‘The Washing”- a collaborative film

Nov 7 – 29, 2014
Artist Reception: Friday, Nov 7, 5-9 pm
Artist Talk: Wednesday, November 12, 6-8pm

November’s show is the work of two distinct artists and their unique creative visions.

In gallery one is the one of a kind collage work of Reid Trevarthen, North Bank’s newest member. His meticulous creations from the pages of cast off magazines are a wonder to behold. His is the work of a true process driven artist.

“My primary artistic inspiration comes from a fascination with complex systems that are comprised of many chaotically interacting individual components, and the patterns that emerge from those interactions. I enjoy imagining systems like Earth as the aggregate of the paths traveled by all of its atoms over its lifetime. For a while this thought is soothing, but soon the assault of questions begins. Why did things end up the way they did, and not another way? Why does anything exist instead of not exist? Do things even exist, and if they don’t, what are we experiencing? Unfortunately, these questions do very little to focus my thoughts, and likely they don’t have answers. But they, along with the systems that provoke them, remain the greatest influence on my art. Collage allows me to address some of the elements of these questions in a more manageable way. Every small fragment of
imagery is at once insignificant to the artwork as a whole, and meaningful when its subject matter is viewed up close. While most of my work is made with an idea in mind, I enjoy when there is some degree of unpredictably in different stages of a piece.”                                – Reid Trevarthen

KATHI RICK – In gallery two kathi rick, will be premiering her first film, “The Washing”. It was a labour of love and a true collaboration working with former students Aaron Nett, Eli Savage, Tyler Warren, Johanna Engdahl, Steve Droes and amazing local production studio NSITE Pictures. It will also be North Banks first foray into 3-D projection mapping. Somber and haunting, “The Washing” is a parable of despair.

In addition to the show, Reid Trevarthen and kathi rick will be talking about their work at an ARTIST TALK Wednesday, November 12, from 6-8pm. Reid will be addressing his work in ‘On Process’ while kathi rick will be speaking with a panel ‘On Collaboration’. This show should be an amazing one of a kind experience!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions: 360-693-1840.